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So, How Was Your Day?

Rice cakes with cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, and alfalfa sprouts.
Leftover Trader Joe’s pot pie.
Happy Hour at La Poubelle. Oysters. Gin martinis.

Morning ➛
My first alarm goes off around 8am and after five or six snooze cycles, I’m wide awake. And, oh yes, I do have the Reddit app, so its 30 minutes of that, followed by a scroll through my Instagram feed. A quick look at my texts reveals, yet again, that the girl I’m currently talking to has not responded during the night as I’d hoped. By about 8:45am I sufficiently hate myself and it’s time for a shower. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Ok, I’ve had coffee. Remember to eat a light breakfast and now it’s out to my humble garden shed-cum painting studio. I assess the work I did the night before and make a plan for the day. Oh but, the hammock just looks so comfy and the sun is shining just right. I’ll just.. sit for 5 minutes..it will be fine. The morning is now over and I’ve accomplished nothing.
Noon ➛
Time to paint. At this point, my time is limited by the sun. By 2:00pm my studio becomes an oven, so there’s a short window of time I have to prepare my paints and throw down some quick layers of whatever I happen to be working on. Recently it’s been nudes, which are always challenging. It’s not uncommon to work for 2 hours only to wipe everything off in disgust. I tell myself it’s the heat and that I’ll do better tonight when I put in a few hours before bed. Now I’m off to find a good happy hour. It’s usually in Los Feliz or Silverlake. Oysters and a extra dirty gin martini are always good for promoting creative thought. Or at least, that’s how I justify it.
Night ➛
Afternoon turns to evening as I swallow down my last oyster, but alas, the ecstasy is short lived. Any creative revelation I’ve had over the past two hours is expunged from my brain by soul crushing traffic headed up the 101 north. Many great albums have been played into the ground on the 45 minute ride from Hollywood to the Woodman Avenue exit. Recently, its been Ira Glass and Glen Washington keeping me company on the way home. Podcasts have been a lifesaver to say the least. Once home, it’s back to the studio to put in two to three hours of real work. This is the time I’m at my most productive. The work just tends to flow easier and more successfully after I’ve experienced the day. By 10pm I start to settle in for the evening. I watch a little Colbert Report and catch up on some Game of Thrones action before I crawl into bed. One last look at Reddit, another scroll through Instagram. And hey, look, she finally texted me. Better not respond until morning. Don’t want to seem desperate. Sleep comes around midnight. The end to a somewhat productive, but not entirely satisfying day. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow.

Three Last Things…
1. What’s up with this girl not getting back to you? You’re a smoke stack!
Ha! thanks! Um…dating in LA is a strange thing. I do a lot of casual dating, but really connecting with someone on more than a surface level is kind of rare for me. I’m a passionate person, so when I do develop genuine feelings, I like to make it known. Which can be a little intimidating in a city where people are so focused on their careers. Or maybe I just need to stop dating actresses.
2. How do you decide to be a painter? Was there any resistance from friends or family on this career choice?
I came to painting really late actually. I had been in LA for a few years without much direction and one day my mom just randomly sent me some oil paints. She had done a bit of painting as a hobby when I was a kid and my younger sister is a really talented illustrator. I figured, why not mess around with it a bit. It wasn’t until late 2012 that I really fell in love with painting and started to take it seriously. It’s maybe not the most secure thing to be pursuing as a career, but my family and friends are all really supportive of what I do, which makes it easier.
3. You’re into Games of Thrones and painting nudes…which GOT character would you most like to paint nude?
I’d love to go full art kid on you and say Tyrion, but as a person with eyes (that I use to see things with) it’s gotta be Daenerys Targaryen. I don’t even care that she’s the most obvious answer.

Scott Laufer is a painter living is Los Angeles. He is currently building his first cohesive body of work to be released in late 2014. @thisisnotscott

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